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On Jungle, local industry people share their inspiration from the food scene. Good places to eat, hidden gems, exciting bars, new dishes, cozy bakeries and unmissable pop-ups.

So far, more than 150 local chefs, sommeliers, baristas, bakers, mixologists and restaurateurs have joined us on our mission to make the food scene accessible to everyone.

Think of Jungle as a guide, but also a place where you hang out and get to feel more at home on your food scene.

Get the inside story, not the outside one

You probably know lots of apps that rely on crowdsourced reviews, ratings and photos to let the guests tell you about places. We don't do ratings. At Jungle we believe in letting the places tell their story from the inside and out. That way you get to know about the ideas, craft and people behind the food scene.

Weekly drops, events and pop-ups

Every week, we gather the most exciting pop-ups, events and drops from the more than 400 places on Jungle. We hope you'll check in once in a while, and that you find a couple of remarkable experiences whenever you need them!

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