Folkehuset Absalon

Gathering concept born with the intention to commit people and cultures through a gastronomic and music journey. A galaxy of freedom and flavours where passionate dancers and food lovers can express and explore themselves without any prejudices. There will be paella for your delight, no matter if you are vegetarian or seafood monster. Expect some groovy vibes from disco hits to contemporary house tunes. Eat, dance and repeat! NEXT EVENT: 25.03.23 In terms of the next event, it will be hosted on a new venue (ABSALON). We will feature an art exhibition and live dj's but we can't confirm 100% yet - can we come back to you on this when we have the final confirmation? SCHEDULE: PROGRAM: kl. 16.00 - Doors open kl. 17.00 - First Paella serving kl. 18.30 - Second Paella serving kl. 20.00 - Third Paella serving kl. 21.00 - DJ & Dancefloor kl. 02.00 - Absalon closes PEOPLE: Roberto aka Rob Medina. (he/him) Spanish, from Canary Islands. Based in Copenhagen. Cabin Crew and Dj/Producer David aka Divad Yaya. (he/him) Spanish, from Mallorca. Based in Copenhagen. Head Chef and Dj.